When I was just being delighted by the results of Oriental medicine as a patient I found a lot of the books I would read to try to understand the “why” to be really confusing rather than enlightening.  After I chose to study and be a serious student of the medicine I noticed that what are legitimate diagnoses in Oriental medicine (e.g. Liver Qi Stagnation, Spleen Qi Deficiency and Kidney failing to grasp Lung Qi) are completely baffling to the average patient or medical Doctor who lives in the USA and quite possibly look either spooky, weird or off the wall.  When you add in some peoples’ fear of needles and general misunderstanding of what an acupuncture treatment is like or what it does, many people are at the point of having heard of acupuncture and feel a little suspicious and possibly scared of it.

My goal in blogging is not to provide a scholarly explanation of this medicine which I understand to be a beautiful and very effective vehicle for great health and well being.  I am aiming to translate it to words and concepts that make sense to the average person who has not been immersed in Asian culture and history.  In my humble opinion this is great medicine and I want to help others understand “why” they might like it in words and terms that make sense to them.

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