The Big Picture

I have road construction and detours to thank for today’s insight.  I originally figured out how to get to a weekly morning meeting in a tucked away place based on Google Maps on my iPhone and that was my route until road construction derailed that route this summer.  So I found a faster and more peaceful way on more quiet roads to get to my destination and started enjoying the drive more.  Early this morning I was taking that more peaceful drive enjoying sun and birds singing when my mind opened to the thought that I used to use paper maps to figure out how to get someplace and how that bigger picture allowed me to see very clearly the logical pathway to take.

I love my iPhone for its many gifts particularly the Maps app when I am lost trying to find someplace.  I rarely take a day off from my computer and the internet as like most of us I have become very plugged in.  But what I noticed today in the peace of the early morning drive is that sometimes those little maps, computer generated directions, focused searches and abundant social media suggestions serve to either focus us too closely on the small immediate picture or scatter our thoughts over too many topics to actually stay in one place long enough to see the larger picture before we hop on to the next thing.  It’s hard to sit still long enough to take in the surroundings and make intelligent choices when we are traveling at warp speed and multitasking with many little pictures and thoughts guiding our way.

There is an old expression about not being able to see the forest for the trees.  It dawns on me that to some degree technology has moved us towards seeing the trees more often without being able to step back and see the forest.  So my thought for the day is to resolve to use that vast encyclopedic knowledge available via technology more wisely, allowing myself time to step back and see the bigger picture to make more informed choices in my life.

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