30 seconds a day to better health and happy feet

I think we all know but often forget to acknowledge that our feet are the first line of support when we stand and walk and that when they feel good we are well supported and conversely when they hurt we don’t feel as well.

Personally my favorite summer foot ware is either flip flops or nothing; I love the freedom of it all but these choices can definitely produce a lot of calluses and other foot issues causing pain so in years past I have gotten a lot of pedicures or visited a podiatrist to keep my feet healthy.  This year a combination of caring for my 88 year old failing mother plus other obligations leave me little time or money for the luxury of a pedicure so I found something really simple that keeps my feet amazingly healthy and well in only 30 seconds per day at no cost to me except for the additional water used.

Every morning when I take a shower after soaping down and rinsing my body I scrub my feet with a wet (not soapy) wash cloth to remove dead skin much like using a loofah mitt or pumice stone.  Upon exiting the shower I also make sure I vigorously towel off my feet to encourage removing the remaining dead skin cells.  My feet feel a little raw initially but they are generally very smooth clean and healthy without any nasty bumps, cracks or calluses; what remains are healthy flexible smooth and happy feet.  And by the way no oils or creams have been used to soften anything; my feet are just healthy and strong on their own.  And I feel a lot better walking on them all day…no pain or discomfort.

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