Why I love acupuncture

I think it’s important to know why your (potential) acupuncturist does what they do for a living so here is my story. As I was progressing through my forties I started experiencing less than perfect health and mentally consigned this to “getting older”.  I started exercising more and experimenting with supplements to improve this but pain from arthritis, other nagging … Continue reading

‘tis the season for…stress!

It’s that time again…December.  The child within us remembers the sense of magic we felt as children during the holidays and we so want to recreate that each year for our families and ourselves; it’s also not a bad distraction for those of us who aren’t winter lovers.  So we add in a whole new level of expectations and obligations … Continue reading

The Big Picture

I have road construction and detours to thank for today’s insight.  I originally figured out how to get to a weekly morning meeting in a tucked away place based on Google Maps on my iPhone and that was my route until road construction derailed that route this summer.  So I found a faster and more peaceful way on more quiet … Continue reading