Congee – Chinese Rice Porridge for Health & Well Being

Congee (pronounced KON gee), also known as jook or juk, is a classic Chinese breakfast dish; I like to think of it as the Chinese version of oatmeal and more.  It can also be used during convalescence from illness or during acute diseases, eaten at any time of the day.  It’s a very nourishing and easily digestible food which can … Continue reading

Pain Relief with Acupuncture

Are you in pain? Does pain impact your life on an almost daily basis? You are not alone. Pain has an outsize impact on a large portion of our population in the United States and worldwide. Individually, it impacts our physical wellbeing and our ability to work effectively, enjoy life, earn a living and most importantly to express and receive … Continue reading

Updating our Blog

We are housecleaning right now. I have deleted some old blog entries in the interest of providing new and better research here soon. Most of what I have left behind are some old favorites. Topics to be covered soon with fresh research include how acupuncture can be helpful with: • Chronic Pain • Acute Pain (including but not limited to … Continue reading

Benefits of Watermelon in Summer

One of our favorite treats in summer is watermelon. Good reason. The first time I visited China it was hot early June and cut watermelon was everywhere. It’s a great way to cool us down internally when it’s hot & steamy outside. Chinese Medicine Nutrition: Benefits of Watermelon Watermelon is a useful medicinal food in the summer, especially for those … Continue reading

Acupuncture in the ER

Here is an interesting story of how acupuncture is providing relief in an emergency room in Minnesota. One hopes this will be a growing trend!  Acupuncture is an amazing way to relieve pain and calm people in crisis.  It makes me smile to think of Eastern and Western medicine working smoothly together.  We each have our strengths and  together we … Continue reading

Water – How much do we need?

Many of us have wholeheartedly accepted the idea that we need to drink 8 eight ounce glasses of water per day for good health.  A good look at Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic and Western medicine theories will all reveal this thought for just what it is – a myth.  For years we have also been told that drinking caffeinated beverages doesn’t … Continue reading

Going Green on the Inside

Wind generators, solar power, geothermal heat, natural cleaning products, organic clothing. There are seemingly endless means by which to shrink your carbon footprint and lessen your impact on the environment. But while our planet manages to garner heavy doses of TLC, there continues to exist a large dumping ground for dangerous toxins, chemicals, and man-made impurities. Our bodies are under … Continue reading