Why I love acupuncture

LavenderI think it’s important to know why your (potential) acupuncturist does what they do for a living so here is my story.

As I was progressing through my forties I started experiencing less than perfect health and mentally consigned this to “getting older”.  I started exercising more and experimenting with supplements to improve this but pain from arthritis, other nagging aches/pains/stiffness and less energy seemed to persist no matter what I did.  When I first received acupuncture treatments 10 years ago, I was amazed how a few treatments completely relieved hip and leg pain I had suffered for years when sitting on a meditation cushion.  I was an immediate convert but I received treatment while in New York so regular treatments didn’t follow that one week after I returned to my home in Illinois.

A year later I went on my first trip to China with the friend who had treated me in New York to learn more about acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Qigong and Buddhism and fell in love with the ancient wisdom that pervades this ancient system of medicine.

I continued to travel to New York periodically to get treatments and teachings but life constraints kept this from being a regular process.  Magically in 2003 I discovered that someone was opening an acupuncture practice within walking distance of my home.  At the time I was feeling every one of my 52 years of life, defeated by many difficulties and definitely “old”.  So I started pursuing acupuncture treatments every week.  With time, despite personally challenging times I started feeling much more energy and enthusiasm for life, rediscovered my sense of humor and faith in people and stopped feeling “old”…with the only real change being to receive acupuncture treatments.  So that’s why I see acupuncture as my own personal “fountain of youth”; it gave me back my life force and vital energy.

By the time I turned 55 I loved acupuncture enough that I decided to pursue a degree in acupuncture as I have always aspired to help others be well and this seemed like the ultimate model for achieving that goal of well being.  Given that I was older than most of my fellow students’ parents, I must admit that my return to school was challenging and hard work, particularly since I was still working while pursuing my degree.  I give credit to continuing to receive acupuncture treatments every week for my having the strength to complete the program.  I graduated second in my class in August 2009 so I not only survived but did well.

And what about those aches, pain, stiffness and fatigue I was suffering in my forties?  Mostly long gone.  I still have the swollen joints from arthritis, but they don’t hurt or impair functional use.  What acupuncture gave me was the ability to live life to its fullest as I age and that’s the gift I am here to offer others…not perfection but true well being.  The magic of this medicine is that it’s a complete system that treats all kinds of subtle imbalances to restore optimal health at any age.  Best of all, it allows you the patient to be more in charge of your own health and well being; we work together to create positive change in your life.


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