The Power of “I don’t know but I’ll find out”

One of the things I love about my patients is that they are always teaching me things too; it’s a healthy exchange.

A new patient today reminded me of something I learned years ago while a business consultant.  It’s the power and simple beauty of being able to say as the “expert” that “I don’t know” in answer to a question as long as I follow that up with “ but I will find out” and then deliver on that promise.

If we are honest, not a one of us knows everything for a 100% fact and we also have different views of what the truth and correct answers are.  In addition sometimes someone asks a question that we can’t answer from our own perspective without additional research and thought.  I believe it’s far better sometimes to give ourselves the time and perspective to give a reasoned and intelligent answer while keeping the door open for further input and possibly an even more astute answer down the road.

This always worked for me when I was an IT consultant brought in as the troubleshooter because the client felt like they were a contributing part of the team resolving the problem and by the way, they were always really part of the solution as we shared thoughts and inspirations back and forth.  We made each other look mutually good and everybody was a hero at the end.

It’s also part of what I bring to my acupuncture practice.  I don’t see myself as a magician or omnipotent healer; rather I am an educated facilitator with you the patient as the ultimately empowered being creating your own health and well being.  I encourage you to ask questions and share observations freely all along this journey we take together.  These “clues” help me be a better practitioner for you and I see you as a smart consumer taking responsibility for your own health and well being.

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